The Heartillery Group, headquartered in Ponte Vedra, Florida is a licensed 501c3 non-profit group established in 2013. The Heartillery Group’s mission is to show love and gratitude in simple ways to those who serve. This non-profit works with schools, religious organizations, seniors, veterans’ organizations, corporations, businesses, and other caring communities to collect, assemble, and mail cards and packages to military personnel deployed across the globe. Heartillery Group has sent over five million cards and 10,000 care packages since its inception. Heartillery Group was created by Emily Spencer, whose husband Scott was deployed to Afghanistan three months after their wedding. What began as a simple family act of support and connection has blossomed into an ongoing global campaign with the goal of ensuring no service member feels alone or unappreciated. In 2020 we expanded our mission to focus and support female veteran homelessness, a growing issue in our country. After an incredibly successful test program last year, we are partnering with Blue Start families again this year to roll out our newest initiative; Military Santa. The Heartillery Group works with their vast network of other military focused charities and the private sector to “answer the call” whatever that may be. Whether it is a call for care packages from across the globe or a request for help locally we rally the troops and coordinate a response to achieve the objective.

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