Carbon neutrality through high-performing materials

They are the leader in performance, low-carbon petroleum alternatives

CBD Move Free has a strategic partnership with Novvi, a leader in creating breakthrough plant-derived petroleum alternative materials for better living that emphasize performance while maintaining a low carbon footprint. Through the partnership, CBD Move Free delivers the first-ever line of Cannabidiol (CBD) relief products using Novvi's responsibly sourced, plant-derived ingredients, including its ultra-moisturizing Luxtra emollients. CBD Move Free continues to pioneer the CBD industry by making it a priority to use the highest quality ingredients that are better for our customers as well as for the world around them. Novvi is truly at the forefront of enabling the development of high-performance personal care products that utilize the most sustainable and leading-edge ingredients available. Novvi is the industry leader in naturally derived synthetic ingredients for beauty and personal care. Formed as a joint venture of Amyris, American Refining Group, Chevron USA and H&R; Novvi engineers, manufactures, and sells innovative, proprietary, and high-end raw materials and specialty chemicals from renewable sources. Learn more at


The Essence of Pure Beauty

Luxtra emollients are exclusively produced from sustainably sourced plant oils using Novvi’s advanced technology platform. Pure, non-polar oils with exceptional moisturizing properties provide novel Clean Beauty ingredients as alternatives to petroleum-based paraffins & silicones. A unique class of premium, ultra-high purity emollients with ‘luxurious’ aesthetics, and offer ‘extra’ performance make Luxtra designer emollients ideally suited for hair, face and body products alike.

  • PERSONAL CARE APPLICATIONS: Skin, Sun & Body Care, Hair, Makeup and Cleansers
  • USAGE LEVEL: Up to 100%, combine grades to create the precise aesthetic your customer desires
  • PLANT SOURCED: Derived from plant oils with Naturally Derived Index >99.7%


100% renewable carbon, biodegradable, and without any of the impurities typically found in petroleum-based products.


Luxurious touch, Colorless liquid, Rich textures without greasy after feel.


Soluble in plant oils, mineral oils, cosmetic solvents. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol.

Ease of Use

Non-comedogenic, readily forms stable emulsions, stable across a wide range of pH, hot and cold process friendly

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