Grocer Market of Choice Adds CBD Move Free

Grocer Market of Choice Adds CBD Move Free
New pocket-sized balm is intended for use on the go
Photograph courtesy of CBD Move Free

Oregon grocery chain Market of Choice is now carrying select products from the CBD manufacturer CBD Move Free .

The addition comes as the manufacturer of topical balms launches a new product it says it crafted with retailers and consumers in mind.

Developed to be more affordable and provide users with a travel-sized option, CBD Move Free 350mg is a smaller version of the brand's original CBD-infused balm and designed to fit into any pocket or purse for on-the-go relief of joint and muscle aches, the company said.

"We're very excited to be expanding our brand in various ways, from adding new products to onboarding new retail partners," said CBD Move Free's CEO and co-founder Jonas Roeser in a statement. "As we develop new products and work with more retailers, we wanted to create a high-quality product without the high price tag that comes with so many other CBD products."

The new 350mg balm is 2 ounces and retails for $19.99 “enabling consumers to bring CBD Move Free with them anywhere to fight inflammation and calm joint discomfort or muscle aches at a moment's notice,” the company said.

Created from a blend of key nutrients and organic ingredients, the pocket-sized product has also been validated for its purity and superior ingredients via third-party testing, the company said.

Some of its most popular products, including the 1000mg balm and the Senior Formula balm, are available in several major retailers including Bartell Drugs, owned by Rite Aid, and now all Market of Choice stores, CBD Move Free said.

Market of Choice is an independent Oregon grocer. It opened its doors in 1979 and now has 11 stores with more than 1,400 employees.

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