PORT TOWNSEND , WASHINGTON, USA, July 13, 2021 / — Cannabllers Inc. is pleased to announce, it has entered into a partnership with Chemesis International Inc. to pilot the innovative new, VICKI interactive AI vending platform, for the CBD industry in a variety of retail channels, to establish proof of concept, and collect consumer data on the category.

Chief Officer of the Supply Chain for Cannaballers, Melissa Loomis, who is leading the program, is an expert in the vending space with decades of experience running national distribution for Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever, and is a master at merchandising, and Go-To-Market solutions.

“At a time when retail is facing unprecedented challenges,” Melissa commented, “from labor shortages across the board, to a shrink rate north of 40% in the CBD category, coupled with a lack of knowledge, and fact-based data, we are coming to the table with a real solution to match this new category with consumer experience, engagement, and true directional data.”

“Product assortment will be plan-o-grammed to match the right products with the right locations where they will be accessible to the right consumers that need them,” added Melissa. “We’ll be able to change direction in real time to reflect the data, and help retailers identify who their customers are, and how to speak to them, in exciting new ways that have never really been seen before.”

Cannaballers’ team of CPG experts, national broker partners, and wide network of retail chain and channel accounts will enable the roll-out of a variety of test locations for the platform starting with placements in the sports, grocery and other channels.

Cannaballers will set the product assortment with highly vetted products from the company’s best-in-class brand partners including-

CBD Move Free
Relyf Health
Rena’s Organic

“This data will allow Chemesis to deploy its machines with data driven insights based on consumer preferences,” said Josh Rosenberg, President of Chemesis International. “These insights are key to the success of any deployment. The Partnership is great for both sides as it gives retailers the help they need to manage or enter the category, distributors to receive automated replenishment orders and data patterns, and consumers who enjoy the education, interaction, premium content, and time saving benefits offered by the VICKI AI platform.”

On Behalf of The Board of Directors
Gabriel Greenstein

About Chemesis International Inc.:
Chemesis International Inc. (CSE: CSI) (OTC: CADMF) is a U.S. focused multi-state cannabis company, that is focused on providing an artificially intelligent (AI) based retail solution. The Company currently holds exclusive rights to an AI based kiosk which can be deployed in high traffic areas such as, shopping malls, stadiums, transit hubs, workplaces, and large corporate headquarters.

Chemesis holds exclusive rights of the VICKI Intelligent Self-Checkout retail solution for sale of cannabis products across North America. Powered by artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, VICKI is a modern replacement for traditional vending experiences and the first retail solution.

About Cannaballers Inc.
Cannaballers Sales & Marketing is an elite team of experienced CPG professionals and consultants in the CBD industry. Cannaballers seasoned team of veteran sales, distribution, and marketing leaders work in tandem with an extensive network of national broker partners, representing access to most retail chains as well as independent retail opportunities across all channels of trade. Cannaballers also helps companies cut through the noise to turbocharge their impact and brand awareness with celebrity and influencer marketing.

Cannaballers conducts thorough due diligence and vetting to ensure that all of the products in our portfolio have the highest standards for product quality, efficacy and differentiation.

Gabriel Greenstein
ABSea Change Inc

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